Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Elevator Up

April 4, 2017

Dreampt I was on an elevator that was rectangular and really narrow but half of the floor was open.  You walked in the door and then up a little ramp and stood on a bench near the opening in the floor. The gap was covered with a black rubber mat to keep you from falling into the gears and getting crushed.  The mat sort of bowed downward and you could see some of the gears on the sides where the mat didn't totally reach the wall. It was thoroughly terrifying but after I reached the ground floor and another gentleman got off the elevator, I just went for a walk downtown and wandered into some gift shops to look at books, coffee mugs and Hanukkah candles. 

I drove a teen from the library home and she had her dog with her.  The dog had a harness but no leash so when we got to her home which was either a hotel or high rise apartment, I had to walk the dog buy holding the harness. The dog was huge, like Husky colored Newfoundland.  He dragged me along from door to door until we found the teen's family.  I don't know why I was walking the dog.  I don't know why the teen couldn't tell me which door was hers.