Thursday, September 14, 2017


September 14, 2017

I had an apartment on the second floor and a lady came to visit because I had been watching her dog. I never saw the dog in the dream.  The Lady was counting money and looking at a check and finally said she didn't make enough at the job she was at, the reason for me to watch her dog, so she couldn't pay me. I thought we were friends so I tried to hug her and say 'its ok' but she stiffened and wouldn't let me.  As she left, not with the dog that i ever saw, I stupidly said I could help her again if she needed.  

Later in the same apartment there was a terrible storm. Now my apartment seemed to be on the ground floor overlooking some farm fields.  The apartment had a picture window that I had totally uncovered.  I saw a giant rainbow.  I was supposed to go to the fire station with someone for work but because of the rain we couldn't go. Between my apartment and the field was a bike path that I followed and it went through the fields until a wall of corn blocked the path.  Or it had until someone cut some of the corn down and the path continued.  Next to the path had been a tiny museum about death it looked like one of those See Rock City birdhouses or a free little library. Someone stole the museum and I saw them on trial later on because they had it outdoors on a wooden platform. I noticed that one of the two men had a cup of coffee in his pocket that never seems to spill or burn him. I don't know if they gave the museum back or if they were found guilty. I also also a woman with a very large bosom and older style clothing with a corset that really hoisted up her breasts and she was drinking at an outdoor bar. She was getting sloppy drunk and eating a lot and she she was becoming more and more undone by the alcohol it also seemed like her clothing was loosening.  She told the man at the bar who didn't like her that her name was AnnaBeth which is weird since early in the dream I was at a mall or craft fair and I met a child named AnnaBeth. I had the feeling I was seeing characters from a story and the parts I was seeing were key images in their development but since I didn't have the whole story I really had no idea what was going on. 

I know part of the dream had some thing to do with bbq sauce and a family get together.  Also I left work early because I wanted to go take a shower.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Crossed Paths

September 13, 2017

I dreampt about a My Little Pony Theme Park.  It wasn't its own park but part of another park like how Harry Potter is part of Universal. At first I thought the castles were inflatable; turns out it was real. I know I got confused because the pony characters seemed to be real ponies but the male ponies were men in costumes. 

I dreampt I was at a science camp and get to sleep in the dorms and then run around campus doing different challenges and experiments. (it sounds a lot like science olympiad but I know the campus wasn't OSU as it was in real life so I don't know where we were) We video taped lots of things. I went back to the dorm and at one point I was taking a shower and a youtube vloggers was in my bathroom.  I took the video home to show my parents.  Many confusing things occurred such as my father still being alive and my mom wearing high heals with this crazy poncho dress.  I was also at the house to take care of my sisters dogs but she showed up in the dream to take care of them too so I don't know what was going on. 

Then I was at work and I met a lady with no head, she had a monitor on her shoulders that sometimes showed an image of me talking like it was being recorded and when she spoke it showed a picture of what she might have looked like.  She looked like a cat!  I took the woman's head/tv and drove away.  As the drove the road changed a lot.  I missed the turn home and went to the freeway but it suddenly became narrow and I realized it was the sidewalk.  i drove by a lake and it was a long drop to the water.  The water was dark and looked very cold.  I barely got the van around the sharp corners.  Then I drove through a fall festival that might have been part of homecoming. I don't remember leaving my car, I feel that i drove on these covered paths instead.  As I got back the car a lady with her husband (a couple I know from the fair at new boston) asked me about the crock pot I was lugging around and the man told me the soup wouldn't be ready for dinner that night so I went back to the car and woke up. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Closer to danger, further from harm

August 14, 2017

I dreampt I was sleeping and that I couldn't wake up.  I knew I had to wake up because we lived in a haunted house and the presence in the basement was trying to keep me.  I kept telling myself to wake up but my mouth wouldn't move and the person in bed with me could not hear me.  I had an out of body experience where I could see me frozen in sleep.  I did finally wake up or was awakened and the other person didn't realize that I had been in danger at all.  We got up and I realized that the front porch lights didn't work, you could flip them on but they made a strange sound. Oddly the sound they made was like a whirr with the a clacking and it was like these noise makers we had outside to scare away the spirits or maybe just to warn that they were coming. I think we had some sort of sprinkler system that was also meant to keep spirits off the property. I knew not to go outside to change the lights at night time.  I knew I could only go outside during the day and then only then with someone to watch my back. Outside was full of spirits who both wanted us and feared our house at the same time.  The spirits wanted us to leave the house so they could have the thing in the basement.  We had to stay in the house to keep the thing safely away in the basement even though we were very scared of it and it could easily pull any one of is into a coma which was certain death. A spirit boy came to the house and asked for something we didn't have.  Someone at the house told me you have to give them just the right thing so they don't get angry but also so they don't come back.  I have him the bottoms of some green onions but I was told to tell the boy they were rampions. We went to the basement to get light bulbs, we had a tiny wooden shaft that was like an elevator but really small enough to be a dumb waiter and at times it felt like it would stop or that it would go too far down to be in the house anymore, lower like way down in the dirt where the presence was. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

the Tree stands alone

August 11, 2017

I dreampt I was walking my dog around the yard at my parent's house.  As we came around the back of the house I found two older men on the property just talking and walking around.  When I asked them to move to made like they would but then didn't.  I began to yell at them but they acted very menacing and started to chase me. I realized that one of the men had a knife.  As I ran down the hill toward the pine trees I realized that a friend from down the street was coming over to help me.  As she reached us one of the men stabbed her.  I know my dog would not have attacked the men but I didn't drop his leash because we were close to the road and I was more worried about cars than the two men.  After they stabbed my friend the man came after me, I fell into the trees and then I woke up.

I went for a run on a trail.  For a while I was running on a train track but it crossed over a river.  I thought the trestle was too rickety so I tried to climb down the embankment to cross the water.  When that didn't work I began to climb back up.  A tree at the bank started to fall down the hill and toward the water.  I actually saw the tree fall twice or maybe there were two trees. I got back on the trail and the tree fell down into the water but as I ran home I saw what I thought was the same tree now in the middle of the trestle.  It broke the trestle and the bridge and tree fell into the water.  I just ran home after that and didn't tell anyone about it.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Balloon slide

August 10, 2017

I dreampt I was at this fitness challenge and the whole team had to finish for us to win.  I got to go first which seems crazy.  It was this giant obstacle course and you had to climb up so high it was just incredible.  From a distance it looked like a jungle gym with the rungs but when you got closer it almost seemed to be made of balloons.  It was incredibly steep and i thought the whole way was up and i fell back a lot but somehow I was able to keep climbing even though I didn't seem to be using my legs.  It was like when people climb the gym rope with just their arms, when I got to a section where the challenge changed I suddenly realized that the rest of it was really a slide and some optical illusion kept us from seeing that half the course was downhill. 

I was in Middletown with Mom and i think we were looking for a daycare center but we were driving around this really run down apartment complexes that were gated.  At some point we parked the car and just went to the beach.  As we walked over the dunes we ran into this old who was telling us all this stuff that my generation had to do to make things better and I just kept cussing at her but she wouldn't stop talking.

There was a dream about going out for dinner and it raining but I can't think of what else happened.