Friday, April 13, 2018

Long Way Home

April 1, 2018

I dreampt I was running in the neighborhood around my parents house.  It seemed like hours.  I wanted to run a half marathon so I kept going but I got slower and slower.  I wanted to get the miles in so I stopped doing loops and just headed out.  I somehow ended up in the next city but I was too tired to get home. I stopped at a train station but I didn't want to ride the train I just wanted directions.  I was going walk on the wooded bike path that ran along the train track but it was so dark and I worried my cell phone flashlight would run out. Then I thought about walking home on the train tracks but it was still so very dark.  I think I took an Uber and they dropped me off at a dog shelter.  It looked so familiar but when the people came outside I didn't know them.  they wanted to hug and I worried they were fake.  Like they were supposed to pretend to know me but they really didn't.  I don't know how or if I got home. 

I dreampt it was Halloween and I had all these people at my house that I didn't know.  I kept looking out the peephole of the front door but I didn't see any children yet.  I did see a lot of cars parked up and down the street.  When I looked outside again I saw people congregating in the street and in the intersection.  They were all adults.  When the doorbell first rang I saw an adult but no child so I didn't open the door.  Every time the doorbell rang there were more and more adults on the porch and soon they were all around the house.  No one spoke. 

A boy was in bed in his room and he had a phone with an app that showed where people were.  It was like a special gps for family members.  He told his mom that his dad was on the app and in the house but mom said no that can't be true because they were divorced and didn't live withe them.  She said she would go look but I somehow knew that she she would not come back because the dad was going to kill her.  I don't know what happened to the boy.

I remember dreaming about eating barbecue.  

I dreampt I made these hybrid hermit crab creatures and some of them I was really scared of and they kept getting bigger.  I knew I had to kill them to stay safe but I still loved them too. 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

All Eyes

March 27, 2018

I dreampt that my neighbor could see into my house.  They were looking in my bedroom window.  When I was dreaming they told me to wake up and see that I was being watched and when I woke up there was a rifle laser light on me.  I could see the light from the gun in the neighbor's window but nothing else.   I don't know how they were able to see me since it was dark and their window seemed to be covered. In the dream I feel asleep and woke up many times know that I was watched.  I don't know why I didn't cover the window or sleep in another room. For some reason I thought it would help if I slept with my back to the window, as if i could not be shot that way.

 I went for a drive in a car called a Oldsmobile Eclipse, it has been a huge car like a Cutlass Supreme but the top had been removed with a chain saw.  We drove around and ate a strangely soft gel candy that other little candies pressed inside. 

I dreampt about a young actress who went to a film set and she fell asleep with her top off and they just kept filming and didn't tell her about when she woke up.

I was in a school teaching kids all about smoothies but it seemed like the whole class was going wrong.  I didn't have pants on so  I wrapped a towel around my waist.  I was supposed to initial some stickers so the kids got credit for the class but  i didn't have time so I asked them to ask my boss to do it and a they couldn't find my boss even though I could see her while teaching the class.  I found my blender in the bathroom sink and it was still dirty but I used it anyway.  I had to get ingredients but when I came back t here was food in the blender that I didn't think the kids would like and that I don't eat either. I had a student come up for a sample and I could see that the smoothie was really lumpy and gross with big pieces of broccoli in it.  I woke up before either of us got to try it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Long Walk

March 7, 2018

I dreampt I was in the tv show The Handmaid's Tale.  I knew my group of men and women had been captured.  We were too be executed.  We didn't have to wear handcuffs.  Where do you hide dressed like that?  Red robe, big bonnet? I was in a school walking down long tiled hallways.  I wanted to do one last act of violence against the state before I was killed.  I saw candled along the walls for school children.  They were tiny votive candles.  I thought I could start a fire.  I tried to smash the candle holders but they were unbreakable.  Defeated I relit all the burnt out candles in the hallway and kept walking.  I didn't have a guard, I don't know how long it took.  I stopped to look into classrooms and no one noticed.  As I walked by windows I saw an image of a woman dressed like me but it was not my reflection.  As I entered the window, the imaged appeared at the opposite end, we closed paths at the middle where we again exited at opposite ends. I never did see the other woman's face.  At the exit to the building I began to head down some steps when I saw a pile of discarded clothing, maybe lost and found for the students.  I thought about using a candle to set it on fire.  I visualized many scenarios but chose none of them.  As I got to the door two things happened.  The my executioner appeared and I found a family festival outside in a common area.  Despite is uniform and strange weapon meant to kill me, no one reacted to either of us being in the crowd.  As we walked the man showed me his weapon.  It was not a gun and meant for defense.  It was supposed to kill me by decapitation or by slitting my throat. He had half of the weapon with him and half was in the building we were headed too.  Once inside the building he offered me a piece of cinnamon pastry he has made.  The man talked a bit about how the layers were uneven and what he would differently next time.  As we talked I heard noise from outside.  I knew my friends were being executed as part of the family celebration.  I begged him to stopped it.  He went to the window and I grabbed ahold of his jacket which oddly enough felt like satin.  When it got quiet the man turned around and I knew it was my turn. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

I'm going to shave my head

Update 3/7/18 - Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, I have raised 2,395$ with your support.


I always joke about shaving my head but now I am finally going through with it. Yup, March 23rd, 2018 I’m shaving my head with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money and fund cures for kids with cancer. Join me in raising awareness and money for childhood cancer research.

Every two minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer – that’s 300,000 kids every year. St. Baldrick’s exists to find cures for these brave kids. By raising money and shaving my head, we are helping to fund the most-promising childhood cancer research in the world.

My hair will be donated to Wigs for Kids. Wigs for Kids has been providing Hair Replacement Systems and support for children who have lost their hair due  medical issues at no cost to children or their families.

Please help support this cause and my efforts to educate about childhood cancer with your donation to St. Baldrick's today. 


On Fire

February 6, 2018

I dreampt I was part of an enslaved people who was skilled with horses.  We used our skills to help our masters raise amazing animals.  In my dream the horses were huge, like draft horses but exceedingly graceful.  The large white barn that I worked in kept catching fire.  We would run in to save the horses and while no horses died many of my people did.  In the dream I could see from above the chaos of the fire, the horses tearing around like the running of the bulls, biting at each other and the people. Sometimes the horses would attack each other with such ferocity that they were nearly impossible to separate. We finally decided one night to burn the barn down ourselves and steal all the horses.  We ran through the fields planning to ride the horses far away.   As we got the complex of barns I went to a smaller building on the left.  I don't recall if music was playing the whole time but my dream had a soundtrack at this point. I peaked into a room filled with Japanese ornaments and probably art from a mix of other Asian cultures.  I saw a welcome cat. What impressed me the most was my first look at a tiny tv sitting on a chair. No one was around so I got closer.  I saw a commercial for the movie Thor. The tv was so luminous and beautiful, so captivating that I don't recall how the dream ends. Oddly I remember someone saying that our masters were Turks but since I never saw them I don't know how I know that this is wrong.  I know that despite the Western style barn, my people and the land seemed Asian, as if we were from Mongolia or Tibet.  Again these are just impressions from within the dream.  My clothes were long, long pants with a long shirt with long sleeves which seems highly impractical. Every hem had a thick embroidered detail.