Saturday, July 14, 2018

Things I Saw In the Dark

Scattered dreams from last night included sunglasses, scaffolding, driving around car accidents and in parking garages. 

I dreampt about my family and we were all in our pjs and eating fruit late at night as if we had all just come home from work. 

I had a nightmare about a woman in a harness and she was over a bed of nails or knives and the man was raising her up and letting her fall toward the spikes over and over.  She was screaming and crying and he just kept tormenting her over and I over.  I don't know how it ended.  I saw her in an earlier dream where she seemed to be hiding but i think that was from before she was captured.  I saw her laying on her side in the fetal position amongst some wooden shelves. 

I was exploring a basement, it had two or three levels.  I started at the bottom but when I got to the top i found a topiary garden and i walked those paths for awhile.  in a corner i thought there was a pond but it was a leak and i got two people to tell them about the leak and the water seemed to come from a spigot but also the ceiling and a clock.  i was going to get a hose to siphon the water the man began to collect the buckets and take them outside through the glass door.  he and the woman talked about using this gutter grates from the basement to help channel the water and as they talked they forgot i was there event though i was the one who found the leak. 

I was jogging in the neighborhood but I got on a city bus.  I thought it would go up one stop and let me off but we drive for ages.  As I got off the bus I saw a library and remembered I was supposed to be at work at 4pm.  I didn't have my phone so I couldn't call in.  I went to a tourist information booth and used their courtesy phone.  The first time i called i saw all these names on the voicemail that were for people I didn't know.  I let the other staff member dial for me and when I got through they said I was already at work.  When I protested that I really was going ot be late they said well just don't come in then. 

I dreampt we were at a store like IKEA that also had Christmas trees.  We got a bunch of food at the buffet and we had a picnic in the dairy aisle.  We went to get a tree but when we came back someone had taken all of our food and somehow we didn't end up getting a tree.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Accumulated Nonsense

May 16, 2018

I dreampt I lived in an apartment building without an elevator and someone on the top floor had planted trees on every landing of the stairwell.

I got my hair cut and they shaved one side but not the other and then wouldn't come back with my credit card when I paid. I broke into their apartment to get my card and I found all this felt board sets that they had never put away. 

My dad was carrying me on his back and we were on a metal corrugated gangway over dark, brackish water.  As we walked the water got closer and closer to the gangway. Soon the water was flush with the metal.  Quickly the path was hidden by the moving water and it looked like we were walking on the water.  Either the path disappeared or just a section was washed away.  We fell into the water. I drank in a lot of the water.  Eventually someone pulled me out but they did not save my dad.

I was at the gym and I was having a conversation with lady about religion and i thought she said she was a Nun but she said she was a Hun, which I think is an ethnic group and not a religion.  Then we had to move because the gym was having a church service. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Long Way Home

April 1, 2018

I dreampt I was running in the neighborhood around my parents house.  It seemed like hours.  I wanted to run a half marathon so I kept going but I got slower and slower.  I wanted to get the miles in so I stopped doing loops and just headed out.  I somehow ended up in the next city but I was too tired to get home. I stopped at a train station but I didn't want to ride the train I just wanted directions.  I was going walk on the wooded bike path that ran along the train track but it was so dark and I worried my cell phone flashlight would run out. Then I thought about walking home on the train tracks but it was still so very dark.  I think I took an Uber and they dropped me off at a dog shelter.  It looked so familiar but when the people came outside I didn't know them.  they wanted to hug and I worried they were fake.  Like they were supposed to pretend to know me but they really didn't.  I don't know how or if I got home. 

I dreampt it was Halloween and I had all these people at my house that I didn't know.  I kept looking out the peephole of the front door but I didn't see any children yet.  I did see a lot of cars parked up and down the street.  When I looked outside again I saw people congregating in the street and in the intersection.  They were all adults.  When the doorbell first rang I saw an adult but no child so I didn't open the door.  Every time the doorbell rang there were more and more adults on the porch and soon they were all around the house.  No one spoke. 

A boy was in bed in his room and he had a phone with an app that showed where people were.  It was like a special gps for family members.  He told his mom that his dad was on the app and in the house but mom said no that can't be true because they were divorced and didn't live withe them.  She said she would go look but I somehow knew that she she would not come back because the dad was going to kill her.  I don't know what happened to the boy.

I remember dreaming about eating barbecue.  

I dreampt I made these hybrid hermit crab creatures and some of them I was really scared of and they kept getting bigger.  I knew I had to kill them to stay safe but I still loved them too. 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

All Eyes

March 27, 2018

I dreampt that my neighbor could see into my house.  They were looking in my bedroom window.  When I was dreaming they told me to wake up and see that I was being watched and when I woke up there was a rifle laser light on me.  I could see the light from the gun in the neighbor's window but nothing else.   I don't know how they were able to see me since it was dark and their window seemed to be covered. In the dream I feel asleep and woke up many times know that I was watched.  I don't know why I didn't cover the window or sleep in another room. For some reason I thought it would help if I slept with my back to the window, as if i could not be shot that way.

 I went for a drive in a car called a Oldsmobile Eclipse, it has been a huge car like a Cutlass Supreme but the top had been removed with a chain saw.  We drove around and ate a strangely soft gel candy that other little candies pressed inside. 

I dreampt about a young actress who went to a film set and she fell asleep with her top off and they just kept filming and didn't tell her about when she woke up.

I was in a school teaching kids all about smoothies but it seemed like the whole class was going wrong.  I didn't have pants on so  I wrapped a towel around my waist.  I was supposed to initial some stickers so the kids got credit for the class but  i didn't have time so I asked them to ask my boss to do it and a they couldn't find my boss even though I could see her while teaching the class.  I found my blender in the bathroom sink and it was still dirty but I used it anyway.  I had to get ingredients but when I came back t here was food in the blender that I didn't think the kids would like and that I don't eat either. I had a student come up for a sample and I could see that the smoothie was really lumpy and gross with big pieces of broccoli in it.  I woke up before either of us got to try it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Long Walk

March 7, 2018

I dreampt I was in the tv show The Handmaid's Tale.  I knew my group of men and women had been captured.  We were too be executed.  We didn't have to wear handcuffs.  Where do you hide dressed like that?  Red robe, big bonnet? I was in a school walking down long tiled hallways.  I wanted to do one last act of violence against the state before I was killed.  I saw candled along the walls for school children.  They were tiny votive candles.  I thought I could start a fire.  I tried to smash the candle holders but they were unbreakable.  Defeated I relit all the burnt out candles in the hallway and kept walking.  I didn't have a guard, I don't know how long it took.  I stopped to look into classrooms and no one noticed.  As I walked by windows I saw an image of a woman dressed like me but it was not my reflection.  As I entered the window, the imaged appeared at the opposite end, we closed paths at the middle where we again exited at opposite ends. I never did see the other woman's face.  At the exit to the building I began to head down some steps when I saw a pile of discarded clothing, maybe lost and found for the students.  I thought about using a candle to set it on fire.  I visualized many scenarios but chose none of them.  As I got to the door two things happened.  The my executioner appeared and I found a family festival outside in a common area.  Despite is uniform and strange weapon meant to kill me, no one reacted to either of us being in the crowd.  As we walked the man showed me his weapon.  It was not a gun and meant for defense.  It was supposed to kill me by decapitation or by slitting my throat. He had half of the weapon with him and half was in the building we were headed too.  Once inside the building he offered me a piece of cinnamon pastry he has made.  The man talked a bit about how the layers were uneven and what he would differently next time.  As we talked I heard noise from outside.  I knew my friends were being executed as part of the family celebration.  I begged him to stopped it.  He went to the window and I grabbed ahold of his jacket which oddly enough felt like satin.  When it got quiet the man turned around and I knew it was my turn. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

I'm going to shave my head

Update 3/7/18 - Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, I have raised 2,395$ with your support.


I always joke about shaving my head but now I am finally going through with it. Yup, March 23rd, 2018 I’m shaving my head with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money and fund cures for kids with cancer. Join me in raising awareness and money for childhood cancer research.

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My hair will be donated to Wigs for Kids. Wigs for Kids has been providing Hair Replacement Systems and support for children who have lost their hair due  medical issues at no cost to children or their families.

Please help support this cause and my efforts to educate about childhood cancer with your donation to St. Baldrick's today. 


On Fire

February 6, 2018

I dreampt I was part of an enslaved people who was skilled with horses.  We used our skills to help our masters raise amazing animals.  In my dream the horses were huge, like draft horses but exceedingly graceful.  The large white barn that I worked in kept catching fire.  We would run in to save the horses and while no horses died many of my people did.  In the dream I could see from above the chaos of the fire, the horses tearing around like the running of the bulls, biting at each other and the people. Sometimes the horses would attack each other with such ferocity that they were nearly impossible to separate. We finally decided one night to burn the barn down ourselves and steal all the horses.  We ran through the fields planning to ride the horses far away.   As we got the complex of barns I went to a smaller building on the left.  I don't recall if music was playing the whole time but my dream had a soundtrack at this point. I peaked into a room filled with Japanese ornaments and probably art from a mix of other Asian cultures.  I saw a welcome cat. What impressed me the most was my first look at a tiny tv sitting on a chair. No one was around so I got closer.  I saw a commercial for the movie Thor. The tv was so luminous and beautiful, so captivating that I don't recall how the dream ends. Oddly I remember someone saying that our masters were Turks but since I never saw them I don't know how I know that this is wrong.  I know that despite the Western style barn, my people and the land seemed Asian, as if we were from Mongolia or Tibet.  Again these are just impressions from within the dream.  My clothes were long, long pants with a long shirt with long sleeves which seems highly impractical. Every hem had a thick embroidered detail. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018


February 1, 2018

I dreampt I was at a wedding but I was laying on the floor covered by puppies and they wanted me to move for the ceremony and I really didn't want to. 

Also I had a terrible neck crick and it was a holiday but somehow my mom made me an appointment at the chiropractor and I didn't want to go. 

I dreampt about a world end scenario where we had to leave our home and drive around looking for supplies.  I know we took apart a barn and also drove in the country and went up a really long brick driveway that led to a building that seemed Roman; it was round with round columns and it was made of white stone.  We slept in there one night but later we were interviewed for a tv show fan club for people who liked Stranger Things. I think somehow we were in the show and that the apocalypse was fake? 

I was at a grocery store where all the meat was still alive.  It was like being in a fancy restaurant and choosing the lobster for the chef to cook.  I saw a cooler case filled with piglets but they were still alive.  

Thursday, January 18, 2018

What was all that

I was driving the bookmobile and when I got to a school and stopped I discovered that my new intern was the still college age girl I had known in college.  I haven't seen her since we graduated but somehow only I had aged.  

At the school I went inside to use the restroom but once I sat down I realized that I was in the men's room.  I didn't know how to leave without anyone seems my mistake so I just sat there for ages.  The commodes were separated by curtains instead of walls and I could see the men using the bathroom and I think they could see me but no one said anything. 

Still at the school we saw a room that was supposed to be a fun house but I didn't go in I just watched from the doorway. At the other woman followed the maze she seemed to  get disoriented and I worried she could not find her way back despite the rooms tiny size.  I cannot explain why I was near hysterics over this.  I felt the woman could not come back and as they walked into the house they were not just physical but mentally further and further from.  I kept yelling at her to come back. I told her to turn around and follow certain electrical cables.  I felt if i went in the room i would be lost too,  I told her to grab a certain colored cable and not to let go but let it lead her back to the doorway where I was sure the spell would let go. I don't know how it all ended, I woke up feeling anguished and panicked.

I dreampt I was walking my dog along the beach and he found a seaweed covered hole like the one in Star Wars the Last Jedi and he jumped in and I woke up before I could do anything about it.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Nick Nacks

December 10, 2017

I was traveling with a friend by car and we were only taking the backroads.  We saw a really bike stop that was all fancy and modern.  There was a paved trail and a mounting biking trail.  The stop had a bathroom and a cantina or small general store with parts and food.  I promised we would come back but we kept driving through the woods.  Later we stopped at a tavern and I had to make dinner.  I had a bag of food and we worked out how much to make because we couldn't take the leftovers.  I think made something with beef and mushrooms.  I had everything on a plate and then had to go scouting for a skillet or pot.  Oddly the plate was older like pewter and sort of oblong and not round like most plates you see today.   I remember going back to driving it was all country roads.

I was at a house and I needed to use the restroom but the commode was in the master bedroom and there was someone in the room at the end of the hall and they could see me if I used the bathroom. 

I was trying to sleep a house and the bed was very high up.  The room didn't have good curtains and there was really too much light to sleep.  I remember the bed had a blanket on top that was light blue with clouds. The room had all sort of weird things in it that weren't mine.  On a ledge next to the door were two pairs of baby athletic shoes for soccer I think.  They weren't just there to be cute though I knew the child had played on a team as a toddler. The room also had a wire book stand next to the bed with a man's razor and other nick nacks that kept falling through the shelves. 

I was in an old school (turn of the century) and we were supposed to be reading from a class text book and also as many other books as we could but also at the same time.  There was a some goal to see who could read the most of each but you couldn't really do both. Also the books weren't in the classroom but on another floor so I had to keep walking back and forth. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sick sleep

November 28, 2017

I dreampt my family and I took a bus to Canada to swim in a river which is odd since in the dream we did a lot of walking in what felt like a dry river bed.  It was very gravelly and we walked under a lot of high way overpasses. We were supposed to take a bus there. It took many buses even though the price listed sounded like was all one trip. The price listed said it would get you to a certain place but left out the part that you had to change buses a lot and each time you did that it would cost more money. 

I heard a man say in a voice over that it takes 9 minutes to fully wake from dreams and then I watch a video montage of scenes in movies that were supposed to represent then this. Most of the scenes were of people who were already awake. Oddly I recognized nearly all the films but once I woke up I couldn't name any of them.

I was in a library on a college campus and I had to leave but I didn't want to go out the main entrance.  I kept going down the stairs and the railing was a double metal bar that was flat that I think you could easily slide all the way down on.  When I got to the bottom I still wasn't in the basement and there was definitely light coming in the windows.  A tiny gate that I could have easily stepped over was at the bottom of the stairs with a sign warning not to go beyond. To my right through a glass door I saw people working, maybe archivists.  And the to the left I saw an intricate metal door made of clockwork pieces. It was connected to an actual clock that was laying face up on the other side of the door and as it ticked the characters on the face of the clock moved around. 

Also on this college campus I was walking with a friend and talking about an upcoming reunion.  We saw digital signs to honor the dead from our class who hadn't graduated but the names were for people from high school who were still alive. 

I had to get my umbrella from where it was hung off a railing but instead of going around to the top of the platform where I hung it, I interrupted two very tall people who were kissing and rudely told them to get it for me.

I was living in a trailer and I never went outside.  The windows had fake mini-blinds that were made of partial board but mostly folded paper. The bathroom had two rooms and one them them had a hot tub and also a magnifying mirror like at the dentist.  We didn't have a lot of food but there was bread and bananas and also food from someone's catering job.  They brought the food in big buckets and one of them was full of little juice bottles.  People seemed to come and go from the house but I never saw a door. The mini-blinds kept me from being seeing people approach.  I liked not being seen but I didn't like not being able to really look outside. 

I saw a woman transforming into the character Pennywise from It but she kept smearing the makeup and I couldn't tell if it was on purpose. 

I got hand sanitizer in my coffee but I drank it anyway.

I was babysitting a child over the computer but I kept seeing beer ads in the feed.

I was introduced to an event planner that only did weddings and funerals. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Walk the Earth

October 12, 2017

I had bought a house that was very open and airy.  It had a lush backyard  and I think I bought the property because I saw hummingbirds on the open house tour.The pipes around the base of the bathroom sink were surrounded by vines and branches so I got a trimmers to cut the plants away.  Somehow the trimmers cut the pipe too and the water began to leak.  I used the shutoff but still was water.  I had to leave and hoped it would be ok. I never figured out how the vines got into the bathroom or dealt with the idea of them coming back.  I think they were just growing out of the floor. 

I was going to a family dinner.  I knew it was at 2pm and I was supposed to bring a candle.  Since I didn't have the candle I decided to stop at home and get one. I remember that I was wearing overalls at this point.  Instead of going home we went to a history fair and stayed all night and into the morning.  Just to be strange the fair which is only period appropriate things also had at least three carnival rides. It seemed as though they were assembling the fair as it was also open so tents were popping up out of the ground as walked (honestly it was kind of like the opening to Game of Thrones).  A friend was at the native village and they were doing a ceremony to prepare her for battle.  She was doing this in preparation for a race.  There was a lot of singing from inside the tent but I wasn't invited in so I couldn't see what was going on.  I could hear my friend singing which made me think she had participated in the ceremony before. There was a lot of smoke.  Eventually she came out of the tent in a very bare outfit and walked to her right since the tent was at the end of the row and headed into an empty field. As she walked I saw that it was night time and foggy.  The fog parted and I saw her walk between the pillar of Stonehenge and disappear.  We were at the fair for a long time, enough that we had to sleep for awhile. When I slept I knew I was at my parent's house.  I could sort of peek and see my room.  As soon as I woke up I knew I was back at the fair. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Adult Swim

October 5, 2017

I dreampt I was at work and a girl asked me to watch her black horse but instead I left my job and rode the horse to the fair.  It was raining and I didn't have shoes.  I helped people clean up and then as people stood around and talked I hugged a man that I thought was my grandfather.  He was so much taller than me that when I put my arms about his waist my head fit under his arm so he could shield me from the rain.

I dreampt we were on vacation and we drove to the beach.  There was a tsunami and I kept being pulled further and further out to sea.  I thought of learning to body surf and how you feel the undertow almost before you see the wave.  A boat came to rescue us but the waves were so high that they came over the deck and we had to hang on the railing. I think I was washed overboard.  I remember rising and falling with the waves and having my back to the shore.  We were rescued and taken to a shelter with ice cream. They had three flavors of ice cream and bowls, cones and waffles bowls .  We didn't want to eat the ice cream because it wasn't soft serve so we couldn't make fun swirls on our ice cream cones.

Later at the shelter I saw a woman and her friend beat a man to death but I took his watch before they could and swore to use it as evidence. I told them they could have the watch but I would only trade for something the woman couldn't bare to be parted from.  She cried a lot but I don't know what she decided. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017


September 14, 2017

I had an apartment on the second floor and a lady came to visit because I had been watching her dog. I never saw the dog in the dream.  The Lady was counting money and looking at a check and finally said she didn't make enough at the job she was at, the reason for me to watch her dog, so she couldn't pay me. I thought we were friends so I tried to hug her and say 'its ok' but she stiffened and wouldn't let me.  As she left, not with the dog that i ever saw, I stupidly said I could help her again if she needed.  

Later in the same apartment there was a terrible storm. Now my apartment seemed to be on the ground floor overlooking some farm fields.  The apartment had a picture window that I had totally uncovered.  I saw a giant rainbow.  I was supposed to go to the fire station with someone for work but because of the rain we couldn't go. Between my apartment and the field was a bike path that I followed and it went through the fields until a wall of corn blocked the path.  Or it had until someone cut some of the corn down and the path continued.  Next to the path had been a tiny museum about death it looked like one of those See Rock City birdhouses or a free little library. Someone stole the museum and I saw them on trial later on because they had it outdoors on a wooden platform. I noticed that one of the two men had a cup of coffee in his pocket that never seems to spill or burn him. I don't know if they gave the museum back or if they were found guilty. I also also a woman with a very large bosom and older style clothing with a corset that really hoisted up her breasts and she was drinking at an outdoor bar. She was getting sloppy drunk and eating a lot and she she was becoming more and more undone by the alcohol it also seemed like her clothing was loosening.  She told the man at the bar who didn't like her that her name was AnnaBeth which is weird since early in the dream I was at a mall or craft fair and I met a child named AnnaBeth. I had the feeling I was seeing characters from a story and the parts I was seeing were key images in their development but since I didn't have the whole story I really had no idea what was going on. 

I know part of the dream had some thing to do with bbq sauce and a family get together.  Also I left work early because I wanted to go take a shower.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Crossed Paths

September 13, 2017

I dreampt about a My Little Pony Theme Park.  It wasn't its own park but part of another park like how Harry Potter is part of Universal. At first I thought the castles were inflatable; turns out it was real. I know I got confused because the pony characters seemed to be real ponies but the male ponies were men in costumes. 

I dreampt I was at a science camp and get to sleep in the dorms and then run around campus doing different challenges and experiments. (it sounds a lot like science olympiad but I know the campus wasn't OSU as it was in real life so I don't know where we were) We video taped lots of things. I went back to the dorm and at one point I was taking a shower and a youtube vloggers was in my bathroom.  I took the video home to show my parents.  Many confusing things occurred such as my father still being alive and my mom wearing high heals with this crazy poncho dress.  I was also at the house to take care of my sisters dogs but she showed up in the dream to take care of them too so I don't know what was going on. 

Then I was at work and I met a lady with no head, she had a monitor on her shoulders that sometimes showed an image of me talking like it was being recorded and when she spoke it showed a picture of what she might have looked like.  She looked like a cat!  I took the woman's head/tv and drove away.  As the drove the road changed a lot.  I missed the turn home and went to the freeway but it suddenly became narrow and I realized it was the sidewalk.  i drove by a lake and it was a long drop to the water.  The water was dark and looked very cold.  I barely got the van around the sharp corners.  Then I drove through a fall festival that might have been part of homecoming. I don't remember leaving my car, I feel that i drove on these covered paths instead.  As I got back the car a lady with her husband (a couple I know from the fair at new boston) asked me about the crock pot I was lugging around and the man told me the soup wouldn't be ready for dinner that night so I went back to the car and woke up.