Monday, February 20, 2017

Cold Meds

February 20, 2017

I dreamt I hired a neighborhood boy to drive me around but one day while I was in the backseat he got out and sprayed the car with a really big water gun and I got wet. It was a little confusing since sometimes the car had windows but other times the car was a convertible with the top down. I couldn't go to work like that so I got really angry. The boy wouldn't drive me back to my house so he drove back to his house and he said his big sister was going to drive me. She was really mad at me and tried to explain that her little brother had been sick and somehow this explained his bad behavior. Then she drove me to an outdoor market and she was gong to just leave me there but she then chose to go shopping. I realized I didn't have any money or my phone. She let me use her cell phone but it was like an old Nokia and I had to type everything which seemed really hard in the dream. Also I couldn't remember anybody's phone numbers. I asked if I could call Uber and people at the shops for like you should try this new app it's just called Grr. Eventually my mom and her friend pick me up and drove me home what's weird is I spent most of the dream worried about having not walked Hubble and also that I was going to be late to work.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Pasta Before Bed

February 17th, 2017

I would like some quiet dreams tonight, not like last night where a friend's mom was cooking us a fish dinner, I got a phone call reminder to walk a friend's dog and someone came over to return a book on clowns that had to be back by noon. Also we all lived in a housing complex of just log cabins and it was snowing.

I dreampt I had a table where you filled back the top and instead of a sewing machine popping up it was a tiny red piano.

I was on vacation at the beach and I had a coupon for souvenirs but I couldn't figure out what store to use it at and while I was running around the stores were closing for the evening. 

I was thrift shopping with a friend and she kept bringing enormous stuff up the register that we couldn't get in the car.  Once she brought up a giant bell.  It was't stuff that is usually big like she would bring big furniture.  She brought items that in most day to day experience are smaller like a mailbox but its the size of a dog house. 

I dreampt we had these weird creatures and we they had to keep them in water but the tub wouldnt stay full.  One of them was like a puppy and a seal, like a polar bear but with a long tail that was also fuzzy.  The other one was really scary it was small and skinny and you could see its ribs and tiny arms and it had an evil face like the monsters from the movie Alien.