Friday, August 11, 2017

the Tree stands alone

August 11, 2017

I dreampt I was walking my dog around the yard at my parent's house.  As we came around the back of the house I found two older men on the property just talking and walking around.  When I asked them to move to made like they would but then didn't.  I began to yell at them but they acted very menacing and started to chase me. I realized that one of the men had a knife.  As I ran down the hill toward the pine trees I realized that a friend from down the street was coming over to help me.  As she reached us one of the men stabbed her.  I know my dog would not have attacked the men but I didn't drop his leash because we were close to the road and I was more worried about cars than the two men.  After they stabbed my friend the man came after me, I fell into the trees and then I woke up.

I went for a run on a trail.  For a while I was running on a train track but it crossed over a river.  I thought the trestle was too rickety so I tried to climb down the embankment to cross the water.  When that didn't work I began to climb back up.  A tree at the bank started to fall down the hill and toward the water.  I actually saw the tree fall twice or maybe there were two trees. I got back on the trail and the tree fell down into the water but as I ran home I saw what I thought was the same tree now in the middle of the trestle.  It broke the trestle and the bridge and tree fell into the water.  I just ran home after that and didn't tell anyone about it.

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