Thursday, August 10, 2017

Balloon slide

August 10, 2017

I dreampt I was at this fitness challenge and the whole team had to finish for us to win.  I got to go first which seems crazy.  It was this giant obstacle course and you had to climb up so high it was just incredible.  From a distance it looked like a jungle gym with the rungs but when you got closer it almost seemed to be made of balloons.  It was incredibly steep and i thought the whole way was up and i fell back a lot but somehow I was able to keep climbing even though I didn't seem to be using my legs.  It was like when people climb the gym rope with just their arms, when I got to a section where the challenge changed I suddenly realized that the rest of it was really a slide and some optical illusion kept us from seeing that half the course was downhill. 

I was in Middletown with Mom and i think we were looking for a daycare center but we were driving around this really run down apartment complexes that were gated.  At some point we parked the car and just went to the beach.  As we walked over the dunes we ran into this old who was telling us all this stuff that my generation had to do to make things better and I just kept cussing at her but she wouldn't stop talking.

There was a dream about going out for dinner and it raining but I can't think of what else happened.  

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