Sunday, December 10, 2017

Nick Nacks

December 10, 2017

I was traveling with a friend by car and we were only taking the backroads.  We saw a really bike stop that was all fancy and modern.  There was a paved trail and a mounting biking trail.  The stop had a bathroom and a cantina or small general store with parts and food.  I promised we would come back but we kept driving through the woods.  Later we stopped at a tavern and I had to make dinner.  I had a bag of food and we worked out how much to make because we couldn't take the leftovers.  I think made something with beef and mushrooms.  I had everything on a plate and then had to go scouting for a skillet or pot.  Oddly the plate was older like pewter and sort of oblong and not round like most plates you see today.   I remember going back to driving it was all country roads.

I was at a house and I needed to use the restroom but the commode was in the master bedroom and there was someone in the room at the end of the hall and they could see me if I used the bathroom. 

I was trying to sleep a house and the bed was very high up.  The room didn't have good curtains and there was really too much light to sleep.  I remember the bed had a blanket on top that was light blue with clouds. The room had all sort of weird things in it that weren't mine.  On a ledge next to the door were two pairs of baby athletic shoes for soccer I think.  They weren't just there to be cute though I knew the child had played on a team as a toddler. The room also had a wire book stand next to the bed with a man's razor and other nick nacks that kept falling through the shelves. 

I was in an old school (turn of the century) and we were supposed to be reading from a class text book and also as many other books as we could but also at the same time.  There was a some goal to see who could read the most of each but you couldn't really do both. Also the books weren't in the classroom but on another floor so I had to keep walking back and forth. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sick sleep

November 28, 2017

I dreampt my family and I took a bus to Canada to swim in a river which is odd since in the dream we did a lot of walking in what felt like a dry river bed.  It was very gravelly and we walked under a lot of high way overpasses. We were supposed to take a bus there. It took many buses even though the price listed sounded like was all one trip. The price listed said it would get you to a certain place but left out the part that you had to change buses a lot and each time you did that it would cost more money. 

I heard a man say in a voice over that it takes 9 minutes to fully wake from dreams and then I watch a video montage of scenes in movies that were supposed to represent then this. Most of the scenes were of people who were already awake. Oddly I recognized nearly all the films but once I woke up I couldn't name any of them.

I was in a library on a college campus and I had to leave but I didn't want to go out the main entrance.  I kept going down the stairs and the railing was a double metal bar that was flat that I think you could easily slide all the way down on.  When I got to the bottom I still wasn't in the basement and there was definitely light coming in the windows.  A tiny gate that I could have easily stepped over was at the bottom of the stairs with a sign warning not to go beyond. To my right through a glass door I saw people working, maybe archivists.  And the to the left I saw an intricate metal door made of clockwork pieces. It was connected to an actual clock that was laying face up on the other side of the door and as it ticked the characters on the face of the clock moved around. 

Also on this college campus I was walking with a friend and talking about an upcoming reunion.  We saw digital signs to honor the dead from our class who hadn't graduated but the names were for people from high school who were still alive. 

I had to get my umbrella from where it was hung off a railing but instead of going around to the top of the platform where I hung it, I interrupted two very tall people who were kissing and rudely told them to get it for me.

I was living in a trailer and I never went outside.  The windows had fake mini-blinds that were made of partial board but mostly folded paper. The bathroom had two rooms and one them them had a hot tub and also a magnifying mirror like at the dentist.  We didn't have a lot of food but there was bread and bananas and also food from someone's catering job.  They brought the food in big buckets and one of them was full of little juice bottles.  People seemed to come and go from the house but I never saw a door. The mini-blinds kept me from being seeing people approach.  I liked not being seen but I didn't like not being able to really look outside. 

I saw a woman transforming into the character Pennywise from It but she kept smearing the makeup and I couldn't tell if it was on purpose. 

I got hand sanitizer in my coffee but I drank it anyway.

I was babysitting a child over the computer but I kept seeing beer ads in the feed.

I was introduced to an event planner that only did weddings and funerals. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Walk the Earth

October 12, 2017

I had bought a house that was very open and airy.  It had a lush backyard  and I think I bought the property because I saw hummingbirds on the open house tour.The pipes around the base of the bathroom sink were surrounded by vines and branches so I got a trimmers to cut the plants away.  Somehow the trimmers cut the pipe too and the water began to leak.  I used the shutoff but still was water.  I had to leave and hoped it would be ok. I never figured out how the vines got into the bathroom or dealt with the idea of them coming back.  I think they were just growing out of the floor. 

I was going to a family dinner.  I knew it was at 2pm and I was supposed to bring a candle.  Since I didn't have the candle I decided to stop at home and get one. I remember that I was wearing overalls at this point.  Instead of going home we went to a history fair and stayed all night and into the morning.  Just to be strange the fair which is only period appropriate things also had at least three carnival rides. It seemed as though they were assembling the fair as it was also open so tents were popping up out of the ground as walked (honestly it was kind of like the opening to Game of Thrones).  A friend was at the native village and they were doing a ceremony to prepare her for battle.  She was doing this in preparation for a race.  There was a lot of singing from inside the tent but I wasn't invited in so I couldn't see what was going on.  I could hear my friend singing which made me think she had participated in the ceremony before. There was a lot of smoke.  Eventually she came out of the tent in a very bare outfit and walked to her right since the tent was at the end of the row and headed into an empty field. As she walked I saw that it was night time and foggy.  The fog parted and I saw her walk between the pillar of Stonehenge and disappear.  We were at the fair for a long time, enough that we had to sleep for awhile. When I slept I knew I was at my parent's house.  I could sort of peek and see my room.  As soon as I woke up I knew I was back at the fair. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Adult Swim

October 5, 2017

I dreampt I was at work and a girl asked me to watch her black horse but instead I left my job and rode the horse to the fair.  It was raining and I didn't have shoes.  I helped people clean up and then as people stood around and talked I hugged a man that I thought was my grandfather.  He was so much taller than me that when I put my arms about his waist my head fit under his arm so he could shield me from the rain.

I dreampt we were on vacation and we drove to the beach.  There was a tsunami and I kept being pulled further and further out to sea.  I thought of learning to body surf and how you feel the undertow almost before you see the wave.  A boat came to rescue us but the waves were so high that they came over the deck and we had to hang on the railing. I think I was washed overboard.  I remember rising and falling with the waves and having my back to the shore.  We were rescued and taken to a shelter with ice cream. They had three flavors of ice cream and bowls, cones and waffles bowls .  We didn't want to eat the ice cream because it wasn't soft serve so we couldn't make fun swirls on our ice cream cones.

Later at the shelter I saw a woman and her friend beat a man to death but I took his watch before they could and swore to use it as evidence. I told them they could have the watch but I would only trade for something the woman couldn't bare to be parted from.  She cried a lot but I don't know what she decided. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017


September 14, 2017

I had an apartment on the second floor and a lady came to visit because I had been watching her dog. I never saw the dog in the dream.  The Lady was counting money and looking at a check and finally said she didn't make enough at the job she was at, the reason for me to watch her dog, so she couldn't pay me. I thought we were friends so I tried to hug her and say 'its ok' but she stiffened and wouldn't let me.  As she left, not with the dog that i ever saw, I stupidly said I could help her again if she needed.  

Later in the same apartment there was a terrible storm. Now my apartment seemed to be on the ground floor overlooking some farm fields.  The apartment had a picture window that I had totally uncovered.  I saw a giant rainbow.  I was supposed to go to the fire station with someone for work but because of the rain we couldn't go. Between my apartment and the field was a bike path that I followed and it went through the fields until a wall of corn blocked the path.  Or it had until someone cut some of the corn down and the path continued.  Next to the path had been a tiny museum about death it looked like one of those See Rock City birdhouses or a free little library. Someone stole the museum and I saw them on trial later on because they had it outdoors on a wooden platform. I noticed that one of the two men had a cup of coffee in his pocket that never seems to spill or burn him. I don't know if they gave the museum back or if they were found guilty. I also also a woman with a very large bosom and older style clothing with a corset that really hoisted up her breasts and she was drinking at an outdoor bar. She was getting sloppy drunk and eating a lot and she she was becoming more and more undone by the alcohol it also seemed like her clothing was loosening.  She told the man at the bar who didn't like her that her name was AnnaBeth which is weird since early in the dream I was at a mall or craft fair and I met a child named AnnaBeth. I had the feeling I was seeing characters from a story and the parts I was seeing were key images in their development but since I didn't have the whole story I really had no idea what was going on. 

I know part of the dream had some thing to do with bbq sauce and a family get together.  Also I left work early because I wanted to go take a shower.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Crossed Paths

September 13, 2017

I dreampt about a My Little Pony Theme Park.  It wasn't its own park but part of another park like how Harry Potter is part of Universal. At first I thought the castles were inflatable; turns out it was real. I know I got confused because the pony characters seemed to be real ponies but the male ponies were men in costumes. 

I dreampt I was at a science camp and get to sleep in the dorms and then run around campus doing different challenges and experiments. (it sounds a lot like science olympiad but I know the campus wasn't OSU as it was in real life so I don't know where we were) We video taped lots of things. I went back to the dorm and at one point I was taking a shower and a youtube vloggers was in my bathroom.  I took the video home to show my parents.  Many confusing things occurred such as my father still being alive and my mom wearing high heals with this crazy poncho dress.  I was also at the house to take care of my sisters dogs but she showed up in the dream to take care of them too so I don't know what was going on. 

Then I was at work and I met a lady with no head, she had a monitor on her shoulders that sometimes showed an image of me talking like it was being recorded and when she spoke it showed a picture of what she might have looked like.  She looked like a cat!  I took the woman's head/tv and drove away.  As the drove the road changed a lot.  I missed the turn home and went to the freeway but it suddenly became narrow and I realized it was the sidewalk.  i drove by a lake and it was a long drop to the water.  The water was dark and looked very cold.  I barely got the van around the sharp corners.  Then I drove through a fall festival that might have been part of homecoming. I don't remember leaving my car, I feel that i drove on these covered paths instead.  As I got back the car a lady with her husband (a couple I know from the fair at new boston) asked me about the crock pot I was lugging around and the man told me the soup wouldn't be ready for dinner that night so I went back to the car and woke up. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Closer to danger, further from harm

August 14, 2017

I dreampt I was sleeping and that I couldn't wake up.  I knew I had to wake up because we lived in a haunted house and the presence in the basement was trying to keep me.  I kept telling myself to wake up but my mouth wouldn't move and the person in bed with me could not hear me.  I had an out of body experience where I could see me frozen in sleep.  I did finally wake up or was awakened and the other person didn't realize that I had been in danger at all.  We got up and I realized that the front porch lights didn't work, you could flip them on but they made a strange sound. Oddly the sound they made was like a whirr with the a clacking and it was like these noise makers we had outside to scare away the spirits or maybe just to warn that they were coming. I think we had some sort of sprinkler system that was also meant to keep spirits off the property. I knew not to go outside to change the lights at night time.  I knew I could only go outside during the day and then only then with someone to watch my back. Outside was full of spirits who both wanted us and feared our house at the same time.  The spirits wanted us to leave the house so they could have the thing in the basement.  We had to stay in the house to keep the thing safely away in the basement even though we were very scared of it and it could easily pull any one of is into a coma which was certain death. A spirit boy came to the house and asked for something we didn't have.  Someone at the house told me you have to give them just the right thing so they don't get angry but also so they don't come back.  I have him the bottoms of some green onions but I was told to tell the boy they were rampions. We went to the basement to get light bulbs, we had a tiny wooden shaft that was like an elevator but really small enough to be a dumb waiter and at times it felt like it would stop or that it would go too far down to be in the house anymore, lower like way down in the dirt where the presence was. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

the Tree stands alone

August 11, 2017

I dreampt I was walking my dog around the yard at my parent's house.  As we came around the back of the house I found two older men on the property just talking and walking around.  When I asked them to move to made like they would but then didn't.  I began to yell at them but they acted very menacing and started to chase me. I realized that one of the men had a knife.  As I ran down the hill toward the pine trees I realized that a friend from down the street was coming over to help me.  As she reached us one of the men stabbed her.  I know my dog would not have attacked the men but I didn't drop his leash because we were close to the road and I was more worried about cars than the two men.  After they stabbed my friend the man came after me, I fell into the trees and then I woke up.

I went for a run on a trail.  For a while I was running on a train track but it crossed over a river.  I thought the trestle was too rickety so I tried to climb down the embankment to cross the water.  When that didn't work I began to climb back up.  A tree at the bank started to fall down the hill and toward the water.  I actually saw the tree fall twice or maybe there were two trees. I got back on the trail and the tree fell down into the water but as I ran home I saw what I thought was the same tree now in the middle of the trestle.  It broke the trestle and the bridge and tree fell into the water.  I just ran home after that and didn't tell anyone about it.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Balloon slide

August 10, 2017

I dreampt I was at this fitness challenge and the whole team had to finish for us to win.  I got to go first which seems crazy.  It was this giant obstacle course and you had to climb up so high it was just incredible.  From a distance it looked like a jungle gym with the rungs but when you got closer it almost seemed to be made of balloons.  It was incredibly steep and i thought the whole way was up and i fell back a lot but somehow I was able to keep climbing even though I didn't seem to be using my legs.  It was like when people climb the gym rope with just their arms, when I got to a section where the challenge changed I suddenly realized that the rest of it was really a slide and some optical illusion kept us from seeing that half the course was downhill. 

I was in Middletown with Mom and i think we were looking for a daycare center but we were driving around this really run down apartment complexes that were gated.  At some point we parked the car and just went to the beach.  As we walked over the dunes we ran into this old who was telling us all this stuff that my generation had to do to make things better and I just kept cussing at her but she wouldn't stop talking.

There was a dream about going out for dinner and it raining but I can't think of what else happened.  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Evil Baby

July 16, 2017

I dreampt about a group of people that kidnapped an evil baby that was the reincarnation of their last leader.  They didn't want to wait for the baby to grow up and they didn't want to put the baby in a really deteriorated corpse.  The baby didn't have the strength to move from body to body like a possession. They found a body of one of their followers that had recently died.  He was in a coffin but it was filled with water and herbs to preserve him and keep his body flexible. A woman in the group lifted the dead mans hand out of the water and he was very pale with super long fingers.  He also had a long dark beard. He seemed to be wearing a robe like other people.  It made me think they were druids. To move the baby into the adults body they needed a book that was at the library but there was a post it note over the barcode saying something was wrong with the record so the just stole the book.  The story was the life of their leader and it was told in verse.  The book was supposed to tell them how to get the soul of the baby into the corpse.  They had to kidnap a group of girls but the girls were adept at escaping each challenge unhurt.  A lot of the challenges were riding in roller coaster with no seat belts of safety harness.  I woke up before the spell was completed. 

I also dreampt about a little boy with polio who was hiding in a bathtub but I never saw what he was hiding from nor did I figure out how he got in the bathtub.

I dreampt I was trying to get dressed for work and I couldn't pick out jewelry that I liked. I was wearing this really crazy outfit that was one red and one green velvet slipper with knee sock that alternated with these knee high blue boots.  I was wearing a skirt that was plaid ruffles in the front with a longer cape like back made of really cheap material like a kids first sleeping bag. I know I had a watch and a bracelet that said my name.  I can't think of what the top looked like. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

If a tree falls in your dreams does it make a sound?

July 7, 2017

It was sometime in the past, maybe medieval.  There was a princess whose kingdom was being taken over.  Princess isn't totally accurate since she controlled a village and dressed much more practically.  She had been beaten and her nose was all red and her face bruised.  The villagers tried to rescue the princess by luring the soldiers into the woods with promises of sex.  That didn't work so they got a lot of liquor.  I don't know if they stored the liquor in the trees or if they harvested the liquors from way up high. The villagers had to attach all these gourds to their belts and then get all the way up in the trees to retrieve the alcohol.  It was hard to climb up but on the way down they sort of clipped to the rope and spun around and around so all the gourds flared out. This part was in slow motion. They got the soldiers good and drunk, then beat them all up.  At the end I saw the princess and her husband eating watermelon so I guess everything worked out ok.

I think this was related to a dream I had a few nights back in which I lived in the woods and was raising wolves that could climb trees.   The wolves were very naughty so a lot of the dream was just me yelling "you get down here right now."

I dreampt we had a performer visit at work but I got sick and had to go home and change clothes. When I got back to work it was night time even though I had left mid-afternoon.  I had a really hard time parking my car because all the tires were tilted outward so I couldn't  get close to the curb. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Home Away from Homeless

June 29, 2017

I dreampt that I was at work and then I was driving home but I decided not to go home. I dreampt that there was a huge homeless shelter complex near where I lived and that i wanted to spend the night to see what it was like.  I already had a bag packed so I must have been thinking of doing this before I left that day.  It was dark when I got there and there were people just milling around outside and in this big, dark lobby area.  It seemed all the light came from the sign outside to the glass window where you apply for entry.  I had to fill out forms and the man asked me about things I had with me like if i has a sleeping bag or blanket. I had both.  I brought my cell phone but later realized I didn't have my charger. Honestly I don't know why they let me in because I'm sure I was still in my work clothes and I had a lot of nice stuff with me. I felt it was obvious that I wasn't really homeless.  I wasn't there to report on any thing it wasn't a social experiment. I checked my phone a lot and no one seemed to notice when I didn't come home.  I don't remember sleeping.  The next morning I found some people that I knew from work were there and also a lot of kids in general.  The building seemed much nicer during the day.  I had a job in the facility for at least that day but it was making change for people and I wasn't very good at it.  I think i left after that but I don't recall if I got car or how I got home or if I went back to my other job. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Nothing good

June 25, 2017

I dreampt my friends had a little bridge that was mostly made of 2x4s.  It wasn't very big and underneath instead of water there was straw.  I set the straw on fire which burned the bridge. I didn't stay to see how much damage was done. As soon as the straw caught fire I pulled up my hood and started walking downhill away from their house.  As I walked it got really dark but no matter where I went in the woods I could hear my friends talking about the bridge saying they couldn't get mad at the fire because it was natural like a storm.

I dreampt I packed clothes for work because I wanted to drive in my flip flops but when I got to work I realized I hadn't actually packed any other shoes. 

I dreampt my friend from another department who was now the security guard and she had a gun. 

I dreampt I went to a business but it was closed so I walked back to my car and as I did I got really sleepy and disoriented.  Eventually I began to crawl to my car and I kept narrowing missing things I didn't want to touch on the ground like poop. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Art imitates life

June 24, 2017

I dreampt I checked out some really titillating books from the library and they were fascinating but I was also horrified.  It was like a scary movie where I was curious but also sickened.  I wanted more books like them but I was afraid to take the books back to the library and have the staff see what i had borrowed.  Never mind that I could have just put them in the bookdrop. 

I dreampt I was going to run a race with someone and we were trying to make arrangements for where to leave our cars in the neighborhood nearby but my dog was with me and I had couldn't figure out where he should stay.  At one point I got the time of the race wrong and then later I left my dog in the car for a long time and felt terrible .  In my dream we never go the the race or at least i woke up beforehand.

I dreampt I was at a deli that was part of a restaurant that was downtown in a big city.  I was startled to see a treat I had wanted for some time and I got so excited that I cried. I paid in cash and it took a long time time because i kept finding foreign currency in coins in my purse.

I took my dog for a a walk at an apartment complex I used to live in and while we were walking i realized i had another dog.  We went home I found I had a three legged blonde/tan girl dog who was waiting at the top of the stairs for us.  Then I went to my art class but I had a really hard time because I didn't have any inspiration and we were supposed to have written a four page story ahead of time to base the visual project on but I didn't know about that part or just didn't do it.  We had to make something 3D.  Mine was going to be huge, taller than me but then i found out the due date so i changed mine to more like a shoe box.  It was supposed to have all these layer represented time and history and growth in the story.  We had to finish the work at home but i didn't have any of the supplies.  suddenly it seemed like it was time to go and we all went next store where some people and myself had to work at the coffee shop while other students got more time to work on their art. this was about the time my dog woke me up.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Puzzle Pieces

June 23, 2017

Last night was a lot of little bits.  I dreampt the library started to run a snow cone shop and it was a mess.  The ice maker was under the fridge and no one put water in it and the signs didn't make sense and no one had a menu.  Basically it was me not making people the drinks they wanted or handing them cups was sugar water.  

I dreampt a friend and I were refugees but in our country.  There had some a cataclysm so we couldn't just go home. I felt like we weren't that far from where we usually lived but we lived in this tiny apartment that I think was one room and a bathroom but it didn't have water or electricity.  Sometimes we got care packages from planes.  It was a strange experience because I think the apartment was from social services and i had never thought about how small the houses were but now that i was in one I didn't like it. 

I have a very common dream that repeats where I am in a school but I cannot find my classroom and the building is just enormous. At one point I looked down the stairwell and it was like the flyer throwing scene from 10 Things I Hate About You where the building just seemed to get bigger and bigger.  

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Modern Ice Age

May 27, 2014

Have you seen the overly large animals at the science museum that used to roam the earth during the ice age? The saber tooth tigers, mammoths, huge sloth and beaver? I dreampt that giant horses were alive, they were orange and white like huge tabby cats and they were enormous in a way I cannot describe. I've seen draft horses and in my dream they were bigger and carnivorous. It was fantastically terrifying, it was like the book Scorpio Races by Maggie Steifvater.

Saturday, May 13, 2017


May 13, 2017

I dreampt about a lot of buildings.  I was walking around town climbing into old buildings and trying to guess what they were.  One of the buildings was a small one room church and it was missing a wall and also half filled with dirt so there was a giant mound of it in the center of the building.  I dreampt about a house with a garden in the backyard and also a big city with bridges over water. I dreampt we were on a driving tour like a safari but we had to leave and we couldn't figure out how to get to the exit so we drove places that we weren't supposed to. There was a building that I knew was a bar but the roof was curved so that the walls went up and then came back down on the other side so really there wasn't a roof.  It was more like an airplane hanger.  It wasn't very tall though so maybe it was a polebarn?  I know I had a drink while I was there and I met a friend from another job so I think is still too young to drink. 

I saw a house that was haunted, there were dead people under the house.  If you wanted to escape the house you had to put someone else under the house to take your place.  I saw a very stereotypical haunted movie girl with long, dark hair and a white dress and she was being dragged under the house but it seemed like the house was an illustration while the girl was real so it all seemed like the prologue to a movie with narration.  The girl had her hands up over her head and as she was pulled lower and lower her features started to disappear and like first her eyes went one at a time and I think they had Xs on instead like she was becoming a doll.  Then while she was sinking lower she was crying and the man who was escaping was yelling "who do you choose," because she could put someone else under the house as an offering instead.  The girl was really scared to make someone else go through this so she just stayed under the house. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Modular Beds

May 6, 2017

I dreampt it had snowed and it was night time but no one had their lights on.  I took my dog for a walk but it was so slippery I kept falling down. My dog didn't fall so he ran and ran and dragged me behind with the leash.  We stopped at a house and  I don't think I knew the owners but I went inside some how. The two siblings, a brother and sister were trying to go to bed but they couldn't which was odd since their parents were asleep. The children had these beds were like small sectional couch sort of in an 'L' shape. The little boy kept insisting that his pillows were the wrong since but since the pillows were in these plastic covers to make them more modular I just told him that the pillow's shape and size were being distorted by the cover. The bed was made of these modular parts so you could add a headboard or make the bed another shape.  I think the little girl was only awake because her brother was keeping her up.  Eventually they both went to sleep but I don't know how I got home or where my dog was. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

All Together Strange

May 5, 2017

I had a very strange overlapping sort of dream that kept coming back to the same house.  In part of the dream I had to change clothes but one of the bathrooms was in use and one of the bedrooms had a big puddle on the floor.  I found a bathroom to use in the house where there was a bridal salon attached but then the toilet broke and they blamed me when I all I did was put on a new outfit.  Then I went to work and we were hosting a viewing for someone who had died. We were running it like a party and I had a guest list.  The urn was on the front desk and it was huge, nearly two feet tall.  People came to the funeral with their dogs but then the dogs all got away so we had to find them. While chasing dogs I ran by the house from before and also out on the bike path.  I saw people trying to catch an injured cat and it turned out one of the dogs I had caught was really friendly.  Since the cat was badly hurt we imagined the cat would come out and lay down with the sweet dog just to get some rest. After all this I dreampt I took a nap but people kept coming upstairs to ask me things. Sometimes when I woke up I was in the dream house and others I was in my own house.  I didn't really wake up though I dreampt waking up too.  Later watched Big Bang Theory but the girl characters revealed that they had spies all over town who they could call to check in on the boys and they used them to get the boys to do the what they wanted like come home in time for dinner. Somewhere in the middle I dreampt I was a student at a Japanese high school and we had to go upstairs but each grade was on one floor.  This was labeled but not in a way that made sense to me.  After the meeting which was more like a business meeting we got to go home early but I couldn't figure out where the ground floor was. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Elevator Up

April 4, 2017

Dreampt I was on an elevator that was rectangular and really narrow but half of the floor was open.  You walked in the door and then up a little ramp and stood on a bench near the opening in the floor. The gap was covered with a black rubber mat to keep you from falling into the gears and getting crushed.  The mat sort of bowed downward and you could see some of the gears on the sides where the mat didn't totally reach the wall. It was thoroughly terrifying but after I reached the ground floor and another gentleman got off the elevator, I just went for a walk downtown and wandered into some gift shops to look at books, coffee mugs and Hanukkah candles. 

I drove a teen from the library home and she had her dog with her.  The dog had a harness but no leash so when we got to her home which was either a hotel or high rise apartment, I had to walk the dog buy holding the harness. The dog was huge, like Husky colored Newfoundland.  He dragged me along from door to door until we found the teen's family.  I don't know why I was walking the dog.  I don't know why the teen couldn't tell me which door was hers. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

You sank my battleship

March 14, 2017

I dreampt I went on vacation and we had to stop and pick up a friend who was a guy but when we got the theme park all the people in the car were girls.  It was a movie theme park so maybe Disney.  We took a tour but then we started to wander around.  We found a lagoon outside just off the basement and in the lagoon was a tethered submarine.  It wasn't clear why it was tethered to the bottom of the pond when they could just turn it off.  The Sub would occasionally move and sink.  There was a lady nearby at a standing desk like when you get seated at a restaurant.  She saw us go down to the water on the ramp but didn't say anything right away. Then she asked if were on the tour and we told her yes so that seemed ok.  Three of my friends climbed out on the submarine.  IT started to move. I really felt the sub was alive somehow and I didn't climb out on the sub.  When the submarine moved I was really glad I didn't go in the water because despite the tether I was still scared of it. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Stand With You

March 11, 2017

I was standing on the sidewalk and I saw a man in the street with his hands over his head. He was facing another man who had a gun. I didn't know how long they had been standing there. I stepped off the curb and stood next to the man with his hands up. I raised my hands too. We did not look at each other. I faced the man with the gun but he was hard to see because the sun was coming up over the hill.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Change Up

March 10, 2017

I don't know why but we were at this deserted mall and we broke into a store that sold makeup and costumes.  At first the store was really small the the longer I dreampt the bigger the store got.  As we searched for things more people began to arrive.  By now the store was the size of a roller rink.  We were all dancing in a circle and the announcer would call out a theme like a decade and we would run to the back room and find new costumes to where because yes at this point everyone was in costume.  I had this crazy white outfit with huge pants and pockets.  You had to run back out and join the circle all while dancing.  I think maybe you would win something but then we would do another round and start all over. I met a girl with a unique name and she said her mom had a twin that was her uncle, which is odd cause that is out it works. But her name was her mom's name and I knew someone with that name.  Now I can't recall what the name was but it felt really important at the time like were about to figure that we distantly knew each other. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


March 1, 2013

Dreampt I had a creek running through my yard and these giant river otters came to sunbathe on the rocks. I also dreampt we couldn't find a parking spot because all the ones available were on an incline and the parking brake was broken. Then a friend
 and I lived in this human sized hamster Habitrail city and we had to wear these harnesses so we could sleep in the tubes without sliding around. You could clip to the wall and work on whatever you needed.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Cold Meds

February 20, 2017

I dreamt I hired a neighborhood boy to drive me around but one day while I was in the backseat he got out and sprayed the car with a really big water gun and I got wet. It was a little confusing since sometimes the car had windows but other times the car was a convertible with the top down. I couldn't go to work like that so I got really angry. The boy wouldn't drive me back to my house so he drove back to his house and he said his big sister was going to drive me. She was really mad at me and tried to explain that her little brother had been sick and somehow this explained his bad behavior. Then she drove me to an outdoor market and she was gong to just leave me there but she then chose to go shopping. I realized I didn't have any money or my phone. She let me use her cell phone but it was like an old Nokia and I had to type everything which seemed really hard in the dream. Also I couldn't remember anybody's phone numbers. I asked if I could call Uber and people at the shops for like you should try this new app it's just called Grr. Eventually my mom and her friend pick me up and drove me home what's weird is I spent most of the dream worried about having not walked Hubble and also that I was going to be late to work.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Pasta Before Bed

February 17th, 2017

I would like some quiet dreams tonight, not like last night where a friend's mom was cooking us a fish dinner, I got a phone call reminder to walk a friend's dog and someone came over to return a book on clowns that had to be back by noon. Also we all lived in a housing complex of just log cabins and it was snowing.

I dreampt I had a table where you filled back the top and instead of a sewing machine popping up it was a tiny red piano.

I was on vacation at the beach and I had a coupon for souvenirs but I couldn't figure out what store to use it at and while I was running around the stores were closing for the evening. 

I was thrift shopping with a friend and she kept bringing enormous stuff up the register that we couldn't get in the car.  Once she brought up a giant bell.  It was't stuff that is usually big like she would bring big furniture.  She brought items that in most day to day experience are smaller like a mailbox but its the size of a dog house. 

I dreampt we had these weird creatures and we they had to keep them in water but the tub wouldnt stay full.  One of them was like a puppy and a seal, like a polar bear but with a long tail that was also fuzzy.  The other one was really scary it was small and skinny and you could see its ribs and tiny arms and it had an evil face like the monsters from the movie Alien. 

Monday, January 30, 2017


January 30th, 2017

I dreampt that people had little aliens in them like the Arquilian from the movie Men in Black.  Only in the movie the alien was in a robot and in my dream they were inside of people.  You had to cover your hair with conditioner and then stick your head to the operating table before they could start. Also they just had one doctor but lots of people who needed aliens to be implanted so the tables were in a circle and the doctor just ran around a lot. 

I dreampt my grandparents house had a toilet in the shower so you could use the shower faucet as the sink or you could use the toilet but you had to climb into the shower stall for any of it. I wanted to use the toilet but the water was on. Instead of knobs to adjust the water you had to push these buttons but they weren't labeled.  You had to push the buttons in a certain order to have different combinations of the taps on

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tid Bits

January 18, 2015

I dreampt a friend and I were shopping for a car with a manual transmission.

Also I stopped for coffee several times at different stores but it was always the same barista.

Later I had an oddly ominous dream about a friend walking in the rain.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Doll Baby

January 16, 2017

I dreampt I did storytime in the basement of my parents house.  The room was really full and a man told me that 88 people were there.  Every time I tried to sing a song the stereo would start to play.  A lady from another library was there helping me but she didn't know what was wrong.  Sometimes the song was in another language.  I remember specifically that we tried to sing The Green Grass Grew All Around and the Sleeping Bag Chant. Every time I turned to the stereo and back to the group there were fewer people but it also seemed like they were taking their seats with them.  At the beginning of the dream we faced the stairs but by the end we had all turned around had our backs to the stairs and the stereo was in a cabinet under the counter.  I could see all these power strips and I got so mad that the stereo was on that i just tried turning all the power strips off. I left one on because i thought it was the wireless for the library.  I know the other staff and I discussed calling a manager but the name we used was for someone that wasn't in IT but instead from cataloging so that didn't make a lot of sense. At one point I could see a doll changing the stereo and it was a ghost doll and she had been changing the songs, making them faster and choosing languages I don't know.  I don't know if the doll belong at the house since I had never seen it before.  I don't think any of the storytime kids brought the doll either.  I remember that the doll had brown almost black hair and not clothes. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Dog Days

January 5, 2017

I dreampt about a region in China with many bridges and they were all guarded by golden retrievers in robes and hats who sat on couches. Once a year they had a big festival for the dogs and there was 996 all together.  Nearly all the dogs were older, there weren't any puppies. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bob Tail

October 9, 2013

Had a nightmare I was a my little pony character and some other pony cut off my tail!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Phantom Limb

January 4, 2015

I had a terrible nightmare - I was watching a man in a bathroom attack his left hand with a hammer he held in his right hand. He beat his hand to a pulp and then worked his way up the arm destroying the limb. As I watched the bathroom became drenched in blood as the hammer flung spray on the walls. He was screaming and I first I thought it was just that he was in pain, surely thats enough but I realized something was making him attack his own hand and it wasn't him wanting to hurt himself. Suddenly everything stopped and the bathroom reset itself and went back to normal and the limb was back to normal too.