Friday, July 7, 2017

If a tree falls in your dreams does it make a sound?

July 7, 2017

It was sometime in the past, maybe medieval.  There was a princess whose kingdom was being taken over.  Princess isn't totally accurate since she controlled a village and dressed much more practically.  She had been beaten and her nose was all red and her face bruised.  The villagers tried to rescue the princess by luring the soldiers into the woods with promises of sex.  That didn't work so they got a lot of liquor.  I don't know if they stored the liquor in the trees or if they harvested the liquors from way up high. The villagers had to attach all these gourds to their belts and then get all the way up in the trees to retrieve the alcohol.  It was hard to climb up but on the way down they sort of clipped to the rope and spun around and around so all the gourds flared out. This part was in slow motion. They got the soldiers good and drunk, then beat them all up.  At the end I saw the princess and her husband eating watermelon so I guess everything worked out ok.

I think this was related to a dream I had a few nights back in which I lived in the woods and was raising wolves that could climb trees.   The wolves were very naughty so a lot of the dream was just me yelling "you get down here right now."

I dreampt we had a performer visit at work but I got sick and had to go home and change clothes. When I got back to work it was night time even though I had left mid-afternoon.  I had a really hard time parking my car because all the tires were tilted outward so I couldn't  get close to the curb. 

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