Thursday, June 29, 2017

Home Away from Homeless

June 29, 2017

I dreampt that I was at work and then I was driving home but I decided not to go home. I dreampt that there was a huge homeless shelter complex near where I lived and that i wanted to spend the night to see what it was like.  I already had a bag packed so I must have been thinking of doing this before I left that day.  It was dark when I got there and there were people just milling around outside and in this big, dark lobby area.  It seemed all the light came from the sign outside to the glass window where you apply for entry.  I had to fill out forms and the man asked me about things I had with me like if i has a sleeping bag or blanket. I had both.  I brought my cell phone but later realized I didn't have my charger. Honestly I don't know why they let me in because I'm sure I was still in my work clothes and I had a lot of nice stuff with me. I felt it was obvious that I wasn't really homeless.  I wasn't there to report on any thing it wasn't a social experiment. I checked my phone a lot and no one seemed to notice when I didn't come home.  I don't remember sleeping.  The next morning I found some people that I knew from work were there and also a lot of kids in general.  The building seemed much nicer during the day.  I had a job in the facility for at least that day but it was making change for people and I wasn't very good at it.  I think i left after that but I don't recall if I got car or how I got home or if I went back to my other job. 

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