Saturday, June 24, 2017

Art imitates life

June 24, 2017

I dreampt I checked out some really titillating books from the library and they were fascinating but I was also horrified.  It was like a scary movie where I was curious but also sickened.  I wanted more books like them but I was afraid to take the books back to the library and have the staff see what i had borrowed.  Never mind that I could have just put them in the bookdrop. 

I dreampt I was going to run a race with someone and we were trying to make arrangements for where to leave our cars in the neighborhood nearby but my dog was with me and I had couldn't figure out where he should stay.  At one point I got the time of the race wrong and then later I left my dog in the car for a long time and felt terrible .  In my dream we never go the the race or at least i woke up beforehand.

I dreampt I was at a deli that was part of a restaurant that was downtown in a big city.  I was startled to see a treat I had wanted for some time and I got so excited that I cried. I paid in cash and it took a long time time because i kept finding foreign currency in coins in my purse.

I took my dog for a a walk at an apartment complex I used to live in and while we were walking i realized i had another dog.  We went home I found I had a three legged blonde/tan girl dog who was waiting at the top of the stairs for us.  Then I went to my art class but I had a really hard time because I didn't have any inspiration and we were supposed to have written a four page story ahead of time to base the visual project on but I didn't know about that part or just didn't do it.  We had to make something 3D.  Mine was going to be huge, taller than me but then i found out the due date so i changed mine to more like a shoe box.  It was supposed to have all these layer represented time and history and growth in the story.  We had to finish the work at home but i didn't have any of the supplies.  suddenly it seemed like it was time to go and we all went next store where some people and myself had to work at the coffee shop while other students got more time to work on their art. this was about the time my dog woke me up.

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