Saturday, October 22, 2016

walking the dog

October 22, 2016

I dreamt I was walking Hubbell in our apartment complex in Franklin.  We me a black and white dog that was running loose but had a collar.  The dogs tags had all sorts of weird information on them like disconnected phone numbers. It was hard to track down the owner.  The dog had first been registered in 1923 so we didn't think the owner was alive anymore. We took the dog to mom's house and she saw that the dog had a lump on its back near the tail.  We thought it was a tumor but when we touched it the lump disappeared and left a hole in the dog's back. You could look through the hole and see right down the to the floor as if the dog had no organs but you could see his bones. Then the dog turned into a puppy and friends from our running group came over to meet him.  I do remember taking the dog for a ride in my Oldsmobile around the neighborhood at mom's house.  Also when the dog turned into a puppy he wasn't black and white anymore he was just black and of course much smaller. In my dream it was like I knew that the dog was getting younger but I didn't believe it until he was totally a puppy. 

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