Saturday, May 13, 2017


May 13, 2017

I dreampt about a lot of buildings.  I was walking around town climbing into old buildings and trying to guess what they were.  One of the buildings was a small one room church and it was missing a wall and also half filled with dirt so there was a giant mound of it in the center of the building.  I dreampt about a house with a garden in the backyard and also a big city with bridges over water. I dreampt we were on a driving tour like a safari but we had to leave and we couldn't figure out how to get to the exit so we drove places that we weren't supposed to. There was a building that I knew was a bar but the roof was curved so that the walls went up and then came back down on the other side so really there wasn't a roof.  It was more like an airplane hanger.  It wasn't very tall though so maybe it was a polebarn?  I know I had a drink while I was there and I met a friend from another job so I think is still too young to drink. 

I saw a house that was haunted, there were dead people under the house.  If you wanted to escape the house you had to put someone else under the house to take your place.  I saw a very stereotypical haunted movie girl with long, dark hair and a white dress and she was being dragged under the house but it seemed like the house was an illustration while the girl was real so it all seemed like the prologue to a movie with narration.  The girl had her hands up over her head and as she was pulled lower and lower her features started to disappear and like first her eyes went one at a time and I think they had Xs on instead like she was becoming a doll.  Then while she was sinking lower she was crying and the man who was escaping was yelling "who do you choose," because she could put someone else under the house as an offering instead.  The girl was really scared to make someone else go through this so she just stayed under the house. 

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